SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Three more people have been arrested on felony rioting charges after a fight broke out in a Sioux City gas station resulting in one person being stabbed and five being arrested.

Sgt. Thomas Gill with the Sioux City Police Department told KCAU 9 that three more people involved in the incident were arrested Tuesday. They are Mempy Wasan, 42; Karinta Wasan, 40; and Kemson Lukas, 18.

Gill also said the person stabbed during the incident and taken to the hospital has been released.

On Oct. 2 around 2:12 p.m., the Sioux City Police Department was called to the parking lot of the Casey’s in the 1700 block of Casselman Street for the fight involving weapons.

According to court documents, more than 11 people were involved in the fight when officers were called to the gas station. When officers arrived, they found the stabbing victim.

While investigating at the scene, the police said that at least five people still at the scene began to try to fight another person. In the end, five people were arrested, two of which were juveniles. The three others were Micky Machuo, 31; K Three Joseph, 40; and Jesipena Wasan, 22, all of Sioux City.

Court documents state that Machuo picked up a bat and chased after a victim. K Three also allegedly failed to obey officers’ commands and was then “tased.”

Machuo, Joseph, and Jesipena Wasan’s next court appearances are scheduled for Oct. 13.

More people are still expected to be arrested with pending charges.