SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Three men have been federally charged for distributing methamphetamine.

According to court documents from the United States District Court, Jose Guadalupe Duenas-Topete, Leocadio Contreras-Sebastian, and Jose Croz Montes-Topete were involved in an operation in which they conspired to distribute methamphetamine. 

The documents indicated that in March, agents recruited a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) source who identified Duenas-Topete as a source of supply for meth in the Northwest Iowa area. The source was said to be cooperating with law enforcement to receive judicial consideration for a pending federal drug charge. 

The source arranged to receive multiple 1-pound shipments of meth that Duenas-Topete was expecting to be receiving. The purchase was scheduled for April 2, in Sioux City.  

On April 2, agents gave the source $5,000 with pre-recorded serial numbers and recording and transmitting devices. Agents also established surveillance on a local business in Sioux City on that day, according to the court documents.  

Agents saw the source and Duenas-Topete as he arrived in the parking lot. Duenas-Topete, who was a passenger, exited the vehicle and approached a man who was later identified as Contreras-Sebastian. Agents saw Contreras-Sebastian, who was driving a vehicle with Arkansas license plates, give Duenas-Topete a white plastic bag which he then placed into the vehicle he arrived in.  

The source advised agents that he had obtained the methamphetamine from Duenas-Topete, so Iowa State Patrol Troopers then stopped both vehicles that Contreras-Sebastian and Duenas-Topete had left in.  

The court documents detailed that the vehicle in which Duenas-Topete was the passenger was driven by Montes-Topete. The trooper conducting the stop identified both Duenas-Topete and Montes-Topete before proceeding with a search of the vehicle.  

During the search, agents found a package containing approximately one pound of meth which was seized from the map pocket of the front passenger door. The package was field-tested and gave a “presumptive positive” for the presence of methamphetamine. A glass pipe was also found on Duenas-Topete, as well as a small baggie that contained what is suspected to be a small amount of methamphetamine.  

During a search of the vehicle driven by Contreras-Sebastian, troopers found a large amount of money that was described in the court documents as being bundled similarly to the pre-serialized money the agents provided to the source to give to Duenas-Topete. The documents stated that it is believed that the money that was seized is the same pre-serialized money aforementioned.  

According to the court documents, the source met with law enforcement who retrieved the white plastic bag. Inside the bed were seven one-pound bundles of methamphetamine that were consistent with the one-pound bundle of methamphetamine that was seized from Duenas-Topete. The meth will be sent to the DEA lab for analysis.  

While going over the events of the deal with law enforcement, the source stated that after Contreras-Sebastion gave the white bag to Duenas-Topete, Duenas-Topete gave the bag to Montes-Topete. Duenas-Topete then asked the source if they wanted the meth now and they said yes. Duenas-Topete gave the bag to Montes-Topete. Duenas-Topete then asked the source if they wanted the meth now and the source replied yes. Duenas-Topete then gave the source the bag containing 7 pounds of meth before telling the source that he would stop by later to get some of the methamphetamine from the source.  

During a later interview, Duenas-Topete told law enforcement that two months ago he started speaking with someone in Mexico who would arrange for multi-pound shipments of methamphetamine to be delivered to him in Sioux City. He received four shipments, the first and second shipments were six pounds, the third was four pounds, and fourth was five pounds.  

The documents indicated that Duenas-Topete admitted to selling from quarter-pound quantities to pound quantities to numerous individuals in Sioux City and Plymouth County. He also admitted coordinating with Contreras-Sebastian to meet in Sioux City for the latest shipment from Mexico. Duenas-Topete stated that Montes-Topete was driving because he did not have a license, but Montes-Topete was not aware of that fact. He added that Montes-Topete knew that he was in financial trouble with a drug trafficking organization, and Montes-Topete knew that the trip was intended for picking up a shipment of methamphetamine.  

Contreras-Sebastian was also interviewed later where he said five months ago someone in Mexico told him to meet with a semi-truck driver in Arkansas to pick up a package. The package was said to contain eight bundles of what he described as drugs. The documents indicated that he knew the package contained drugs, but he didn’t know what kind. He was then told by the person in Mexico to hold onto the package for five months before being instructed to go to Sioux City.  

The documents stated that Contreras-Sebastian admitted to setting up a meeting with Duenas-Topete, where gave Duenas-Topete the drugs and received the $5,000 in pre-serialized money which Contreras-Sebastian put in the glove box of his vehicle.