SIOUX CENTER, Iowa (KCAU) — The bid for the second phase of reconstruction of Highway 75 has been approved.

According to a press release, while the first phase is still underway the bids for the rest of the project have been approved with a low bid of around $29 million.

The cost of this shared state/local project will be split with about $18.9 million being paid by the Iowa Department of Transportation and about $10.3 million being paid by the City of Sioux Center, which is also paying for engineering

This bid includes the reconstruction of Highway 75 from 13th St. South to 12th St. North into a 4-lane design focused on safety, function, and showcasing Sioux Center’s character. Phase 2 will be completed in the construction season of 2024, 2025, and 2026.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to fix a lot of things. It’s a multi-generational investment, and it takes tons and tons of cooperation that leads to that kind of progress,” said Mayor David Krahling

The second phase of Highway 75 reconstruction is larger than phase 1 and will involve some detours from through/truck traffic, although local traffic will be able to enter Sioux Center and the town.

Utilities Manager Murray Hulstein noted that Phase 2 will also require a significant amount of utility staff time as the project impacts many water and sanitary sewer services.

It’s amazing to me that we’re talking about paying for some of this over 3 years and some over 10 years,” Krahling said. “This is a 50-year project.