SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Rivercade is coming up, and not far behind is the 25th annual Youth Fishing Derby.

Rivercade organizers said more than 10,000 Siouxland youth have been able to fish thanks to the event.

Each participant will get a fishing rod, tackle, lunch and a chance to win a new bike.

Ages 4 through 11 are welcome to participate.

The Derby will kick off on June 11 at Bacon Creek Park.

“It’s not so much about catching a fish, it’s about being there, being outdoors and being in nature, learning some patience, the excitement of getting a first bite, the excitement when you see a frog come up and frog at you, just being outdoors,”

The event is only $5 and requires pre-registration for your child to get a free rod and tackle box.