22 immigrants proudly earn their American Citizenship

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Unlike America, in many countries freedom and general rights (such as voting) are not always assumed. For 22 brave immigrants who have competed their journeys to becoming legal American citizens, moving forward they will no longer have to be represented by countries they fear or have never called home. 

“I feel very free. So I am very proud to be an American,” says Sarah Brock. 

“I feel that the united states, you know, it’s my home. And this is where I want to grow a family. So this is a really nice day for me,” says Jose Martinez.

Federal judge Mark Bennett swore in the newly appointed American citizens. At the end of the ceremony he shook each of their hands and gifted them with a flag and their legal documents, but it was hardly the only thing they were gifted today. 

Carolyn Goodwin of the league of women voters said, “The league of women voters is honored to always give a welcome to our new citizens and then help them to register to vote which is the most important gift we give them as new citizens”

“We want them to know that Sioux city is a great place to be, a great place to live, a great place to raise your kids and we are here to help,” says City Council Member, Ronda Capron.

As gratitude and excitement fill the hearts of these new American citizens, Sarah Brock says it best, explaining in times like these words are sometimes not enough. 

“I am very glad today that I got my naturalization as an American US citizen. I’m so happy and I just can’t express. For everything and I cannot say how thankful I am,” says Brock.

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