SIOUX CITY, Iowa — One of the longest living charity events held in Siouxland received another generous donation this year, with a little dog racking in some big bucks.

Paige, a German short-haired pointer with lots of energy, was the face behind a tradition that brings hundreds of people together every year.

Robert Brock, the president of The Little Yellow Dog Club, explained the cause behind the auction event.

“We have this auction every year around Christmastime of a dog and all of the funds raised goes to The Goodfellows Charity,” said Brock.

The fundraising event has provided gifts and books to thousands of underprivileged children since 1914.

“It’s definitely over a $100,000 every year that we raise for it,” said Brock.

This year, Paige is continuing the tradition, catching the eyes of Daniel Cota and his father, Brad Smith, who have their hearts set on the prize.

Daniel, up for the challenge, participated in an hour-long bidding battle that ended with him placing the final bid for Paige at $15,500.

“I didn’t think I was going to get it at first but then when he yelled out ‘Sold!,’ I got really happy,” said Cota.

Daniel received a standing ovation from the crowd. A trip with his father evolved into a new perspective that came with a lifelong pal.