CLAY COUNTY, Iowa (KCAU) — According to a release from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, approximately 200 acres were burned during a wildfire on Tuesday.

Fire crews with the DNR, Fish and Wildlife Services, and surrounding towns battled the large wildfire in southeast Clay County. The fire was on both public and private land.

The Iowa DNR has staff at the scene checking on hotspots in order to prevent anything from reigniting Wednesday.

The Dickens Fire Department Chief Randy Whalen said the fire was reported at around noon and the battle against the fire lasted for approximately eight hours.

“Right now, we are listing the cause of the fire as unknown,” Whalen said.

The release said that the fire began near a dead-end road on the 1,500-acre Hawk Valley Wildlife Area and burned to the northeast toward Highway 18. Highway 18 was closed temporarily due to the smoke.

“Hawk Valley is not on our burning plan for this year and this was not a planned fire that got away. We have fire protocol outlining when we can and cannot burn and wind speed is a big part of our decision process. Yesterday was a Red Flag Warning day and we do not burn on Red Flag Warning days,” said Lucas Straw, wildlife technician with the Iowa DNR.

The release said that roughly 14 acres of Hawk Valley were impacted and the rest of the land was privately owned.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Dickens Fire Department, Spencer Fire Department, Ruthven Fire Department, and Webb Fire Department all assisted at the scene. The Clay County Sheriff’s Office also assisted.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Clay County Sheriff’s Office.