SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Members of the 185th Air Refueling Wing Crash Damage Deposit Recovery team recovered a Vietnam War-era F-100 Super Sabre from its pedestal at the Iowa Air National Guard in Sioux City.  

It had been on display for almost 20 years and had gotten weathered, needing to be cleaned and painted. 

“We usually have two people for every shop,” said Technical Sergeant Kevin Brown with the recovery team, “Because you want a little bit of expertise from everyone.”  

Brown said the 185th ARW members train annually to stay familiar with the equipment and processes that are part of recovering a downed aircraft, taking down the F-100 served as an opportunity to incorporate training requirements as part of the project. 

“Everyone had a positive attitude,” said Brown, “And wanted to get the job done.” 

Brown said lowering the aircraft on large airbags made the job of putting it on the ground safer for the aircraft and for the Airmen on the ground. 

After the landing gear was lowered, the aircraft could be towed to the hangar where it will be cleaned and prepared for painting.  

Paint will be applied after the aircraft has been moved across the runway to the Air National Guard Paint Facility.  

Brown said when the aircraft was mounted in December 2022 it wasn’t meant to be moved but changing the rules and environmental laws dictated the aircraft to be taken down and painted in a controlled environment. 

The team hopes to put the F-100 back on display in the spring of 2022.  

The last F-100 flowing by the Iowa Air Guard in Sioux City was July 1, 1977.