SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – If you live near Sioux City, you might’ve noticed some more activity in the skies.

The 185th is hosting the 114th Fighter Wing from Sioux Falls for training exercises with F-16 fighter jets. The 114th will be doing its 2021 readiness exercise to test its ability to deploy to unfamiliar locations within a limited timeframe.

“We’re trying to get airmen that can do multiple jobs, we call them multiple capable airmen, and we want to be able to find out that we need to pick up and move, go somewhere in short notice and do that quickly, be able to come to places like the 185th and operate here just like we would at home,” said Lt. Col. Daniel Sanders from the 144th.

This is the first time fighter jet operations were held at the 185th since 1998.

“Yeah it’s really rare, we haven’t had fighters in the ramp for a long time and I’ve had an opportunity to fly these at a previous with the 114th, so a lot of the guys I know, it’s good to, nice little reunion to have them back,” said Lieutenant Colonel Scott Smit from the 185th.

The 114th Fighter Wing’s 2021 Readiness Exercise will be taking place from August 10 to August 12.