STORM LAKE, Iowa (KCAU) — After ceasing operations in September, 15 Brew locations in Iowa have donated the remainder of their merchandise to food banks and other nonprofits.

The Storm Lake-based company donated over $170,000 worth of merchandise to several food banks and nonprofit organizations on Monday after the closure of 15 Brew locations in eastern Iowa, according to a release from Brew.

The stores that closed were located in Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha, Eldridge, and Davenport. The release said that the decision to donate the merchandise came after an investment group called InCommercial terminated their leases at the locations.

“As a company, we were really looking forward to serving these vibrant and dynamic neighborhoods and communities in Eastern Iowa,” said Brew spokesperson Joe Kelly. “We were disappointed that we couldn’t come to an arrangement with the new property owners and were forced to vacate these properties.”

Kelly said he commends Brew owner Inder Singh’s decision to donate the majority of the merchandise, which includes food and personal care items.

“The Davenport Community School Food Pantry is overjoyed by the generous donation from Brew that has been given to our guests, at the JB Young Opportunity Center over the last month. We had lines of people who were very appreciative,” said Davenport Community School Food Pantry Director Ralph Kelly.

The location closure occurred due to the former property owner, Mountain Express Oil, filing for federal bankruptcy protection in Texas. After that, the properties were purchased by InCommercial. The bankruptcy court ordered the termination of Mountain Express Oil’s master lease with out-of-state owners, according to the release.

This unexpected development had significant repercussions for Brew’s lease agteements and rents. Despite Brew’s earnest efforts to negotiate a new long-term lease with the onwers of these properties, negotiations ultimately failed. InCommercial, the new property onwers of all 15 sites, directed Brew to exit the properties.

Brew will continue to serve as a convenience destination at its 28 locations throughout Iowa with expansion plans underway. Brew remains commited to providing the best modern convenience store experience to its custoemrs across Iowa.

Statement pulled from Brew release