SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Sioux City Police Department is investigating crimes at the construction site of a new apartment complex that has seen more than $100,000 in property damaged or stolen.

According to Community Police Sergeant Thomas Gill, the new Ridge Apartments, located at 3800 Glen Ellen Road, has been dealing with multiple instances of tools, radios, and other property at the construction site being stolen.

Gill told KCAU 9 that on Saturday, two trailers were broken into and power tools and radios were stolen.

“We never plan for something like this and we try to do security, try to do all the processes that we can to protect from this from happening but it’s… very common in Sioux City,” said Evan Grieme, Job Supervisor

Gill also said that Wednesday morning, a truck was stolen and that wiring in the apartment was cut while other wire was stolen.

The amount of damaged property currently estimates approximately $100,000 in stolen and damaged goods and property.