SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU)– According to “Sleep in Heavenly Peace”, a volunteer organization that assembles homemade beds for children and families, roughly 2% to 3%of kids in the U.S are without beds. The Sioux City chapter is putting a dent in that statistic.

Sioux City’s “Sleep in Heavenly Peace” volunteers spent Saturday going to 13 houses, setting up more than 33 beds. The beds are delivered to the family and constructed by hand inside the child’s room using planks of wood.

Sioux City’s “Sleep In Heavenly Peace” has been around for almost two years and they celebrated 1,000 beds constructed on Saturday.

“When we got started, I have to be honest, I thought maybe there’d be a 100-to-200 kids, so when we look at the fact that we are now delivering 1,000 beds and there’s still a wait list of about 150,” said Meredith Davies-Vogt, chapter president of Sleep in Heavenly Peace. “We just know that there’s a need here that we continue to fill.”

To construct one bed, it can take up to 15 minutes, however, this wouldn’t be possible without the volunteers. Two “Sleep In Heavenly Peace” volunteers told KCAU seeing the kids they help warm their hearts.

“Probably the deliveries and seeing like the kids get their new beds,” said Ireland Boatman, an 11 year old volunteer.

“One of the first deliveries was a little four year old girl and she was getting her bed, so our team came in with five people. We put the bed together, she came to the door stood there for a couple seconds then she ran in, jumped on the bed, grabbed the pillow and said ‘this is mine, this is mine!’,” said Del Olivier, with “Sleep In Heavenly Peace”.

Meredith says there is a month-long waitlist for folks in need of a bed, if you want to apply. CLICK HERE