SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Siouxland law enforcement community welcomed new officers to its ranks.

Western Iowa Tech Regional Iowa Law Enforcement Academy held a ceremony to recognize 10 new graduates before they return to their agencies to serve the community. The students already had law enforcement degrees and completed an accelerated 9-week program which included firearms training, defensive tactics, and de-escalation training. KCAU 9 spoke with Former Woodbury County Sheriff Dave Drew about the program.

“At our regional academy, we may have 10 to 15 so there’s a lot of 1-on-1, versus you go to Des Moines and there might be a 100 in there and though those numbers are nice but how do you get some of the personal 1-on-1 working,” Drew said.

These officers will serve in Sioux City, Spirit Lake, Sanborn, Hinton and Le Mars.