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"Answer the Call": Doctor who saved three Tanzanian kids' lives celebrates success in new book

SIOUX CITY, Iowa - What does it mean to "Answer the Call"?

"Believe in miracles. Answer God's call," says Dr. Steve Meyer. 

Just more than one year ago, three Tanzanian kids survived a horrific bus crash... the only three survivors on a bus with more than 30 people on it. 

"It's very overwhelming and humbling to think that a year ago, we were literally at our wit's end thinking of some way that God could possible do a miracle to get those kids back," Meyer says.

Meyer was a pioneer in bringing life back into these kids. Here's a message from them today:

"Hello it is me Sadia. I am in Tanzania. I have fun here with my friends Wilson and Doreen"

My name is Doreen and I'm 13 years old. I'm here to tell you hi and I miss you."

Hi I am Wilson. I hope to see you soon."

Dr. Meyer's book "Answer the Call"...

"It's an unbelievable story with amazing consequences," says Meyer.

... is now a best seller on Amazon. It's No. 1 ranked in the country in the spiritual category, number two in the inspirational category.

"It's kind of a double entendre in the book. 'Answer the Call' is looking back how every single person that we called to make this epic story happen answered the call," Meyer reminisces. 

It's hard to believe this book was written, even harder to believe it actually happened. 

"They were dying. They were not going to survive and now they're not only alive but they're thriving and they're beautiful and charismatic and happy and well-adjusted kids. It's like witnessing the end of a miracle," Meyer adds. 

It was a long but rewarding fight for this doctor who saved the lives of complete strangers. His supporters along the way have been by his side til the end. 

To purchase a book, you can download a copy on Amazon. There are also copies sold at the Hy-Vee on Hamilton Blvd. in Sioux City as well as the Stemm office and website

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