Sen. Grassley seeks to make Siouxland safer


Siouxlanders saying they want to see action from Congress.

AURELIA, Iowa (KCAU) – The weekend mass shootings are re-igniting the debate over gun regulations with lawmakers from all over the nation weighing in.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley held one of his 99 county tour town hall meetings in Aurelia on Tuesday. Several people in Cherokee County expressed their concerns about the continued mass shootings in the country, several Siouxlanders saying they want to see action from Congress.

“The way things are going now, it’s getting worse and worse about these shooting, and it was two days apart. Why should they not do something about it? That’s my biggest concern,” said Mullins.

Ray Mullins is a farmer in Cherokee. He was one of the first Siouxlanders to ask Senator Grassley what he plans to do to help put a stop to these mass shootings.

“People are going to realize it’s gonna happen in their backyard, and that’s the problem. I don’t care if it is in northwest Iowa or it is in a St. Louis suburb or wherever it is at, Florida, California I think that it is just a repetition thing,” said Mullins.

Grassley said he and other lawmakers are listening to those concerns and are working to do more.

“Red flag laws but only if there is a guarantee of constitutional due process protections,” said Senator Grassley.

Senator Grassley said he wants to focus on making sure no one with mental health issues is able to get their hands on a gun.

“A lot of these people should never have had a gun,” said Senator Grassley.

“I think the background checks are a great thing but I don’t think they are thorough enough this drug use and the stuff that these doctors pharmacists and mental health people what they are doing I think that all should be recorded,” said Mullins.

Sen. Grassley said lawmakers are having those kinds of discussions but in the meantime, he does not want Siouxlanders fearing day-to-day.

“What you have to do is be alert. You need to kinda plan ahead what would you do if you were in that kind of environment and always be alert,” said Senator Grassley.

Grassley’s focus on mental health issues echoes President Trump’s response to these shootings. The president saying mental illness and hatred pulled the trigger, not the gun. The president is also calling on law enforcement and tech companies to better monitor online extremists.

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