SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Sioux City has dozens of local bars and breweries, and owners say New Year’s Eve is a great time for people to reflect on 2022 and look forward to what next year has to offer.

Amphone Nanthavong is a supervisor at Marto Brewing in Sioux City. He says New Year’s Eve is always a busy time in Siouxland.

“It’s one of those holidays that no one wants to cook for,” Nanthavong said. “They would rather get a big group of their friends, go out and it’s really the pre-game before the festivities start out downtown, so we’re always pretty busy no matter what restaurant you’re in.”

He says he expects a big turnout this year and the employees have been hard at work all week getting ready.

“We’re fully staffed, front of house and back of house,” he said. “We’ve got hands and extra hands. We’ve got people who want to work who aren’t even scheduled, so we’re ready for it.”

David Winslow owns Jackson Street Brewing. He’s worked there for more than seven years. He says over the years, Siouxlanders have enjoyed drinks to usher in the new year.

“We’ve always been open for New Year’s Eve,” Winslow said. “We do see a real nice pick-up in beers to go, so people grab four packs or growlers, beer to go, if they’re going to go to a party or a friend’s house.”

But the holiday, Winslow said, is also about looking back on the past and getting excited for the future.

“A lot of New Year’s is about looking at what happened this year. You take your grievances and just kind of shove them in the garbage and move forward,” he said. “You make plans for the next year. That’s always exciting.”