DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — The Iowa State Fair hopes the successes of 2023 will be contagious and spread to next year.

On Tuesday the Fair announced the theme for 2024 will be ‘Fair Fever’. The Fair release four promotional calendars as well, featuring nostalgic Woodstock-era graphics. The 2024 State Fair will be held from August 8th to the 18th. The 2023 Fair finished as the second-best attended in its history.

The Fair announced the new theme with this statement:

“Although the 2023 Iowa State Fair is barely in our rearview mirror, plans are well underway for 2024. In only 330 days we will welcome you all back for FAIR FEVER.

It’s a throwback to nostalgia with a vibe full of tradition.

Fair Fever can only be described as a heightened state of joy, enthusiasm and anticipation. It’s a deep down, countdown to all the fun you will find at the 2024 Iowa State Fair!

Fair Fever is contagious and only a prescription of Fair food, games, rides, competition and over-the-top entertainment will cure it.

Mark your calendars to “catch” the very best in agriculture, industry, entertainment and achievement, August 8-18, 2024.”