Iowa ranks 4th nationally in new survey of daily screen time


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Do you know how much screen time you log each day? A closer look, in this weeks CyberSafe Parent segment and you might be surprised.

According to on average, we spend more than 9 hours behind a screen each day.

An eight-hour workday can account for most of that time but the average American is still spending ninety minutes online daily for leisure activities

Here’s a state by state breakdown of screen times with the dark red indicating an average of 90 minutes or more. Alaska leads all states with almost 3 hours of leisure screen time a day. Across Siouxland, Iowa totals an hour and 52 minutes each day on average. Nebraska shows about 30 minutes less with South Dakota one of only 3 states logging less than an hour at just 54 minutes a day for leisure use.

Elsewhere, a Nebraska school district is running up a big tab after it was hit by a cyber attack. Papillion LaVista in Omaha is wiping all it’s hard drives after an online intruder tried to shut down the school’s system and likely hold it hostage. The districts tech experts caught the invasion early to avoid paying any ransom but still must change some technology before classes begin in a couple of weeks.

So how do you know if the website you’re on is secure or not? Many people look for the trusted lock symbol on web browsers.

But you really should do more than that because the site could be a fake.

You can check by hovering your mouse over the link and making sure it shows the website you’re actually trying to access. If something else pops up, it’s probably a fake site and could cause damage to your system or even steal your personal information.

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