CLARION, Iowa (WHO-TV) – The world’s largest tractor has called Iowa home for the past decade. Now, it is rolling out of state and back to work.

“Big Bud” has the distinction of holding a Guinness World Record for Largest Farm Tractor.

For the past 10 years, the implement has been parked at the Heartland Museum in Clarion, Iowa.

Built in 1977, the 14-foot tall machine tips the scales at over 100,000 pounds and boasts a whopping 760 horsepower.

As you can imagine, the owner said a machine this large has an equally large gas tank.

“At one time, it cost a semi load of grain to fill it. It holds 1,000 gallons. So, at one time, diesel was four dollars a gallon, so that’s four grand, you know,” said Robert Williams, Big Bud’s owner.

Williams said he quit using the tractor after his farming operation went to no-till farming.

Big Bud is headed to Montana to be used on a farm there.