WINTERSET, Iowa (WHO) — People around the Winterset and Truro area may have noticed some film cameras in the area recently.

The film is called “Winterset,” it’s the creation of a writer, producer, and director named Michael P. Blevins who lives in Beverly Hills, but grew up in Kansas City. He spent summers coming to Truro, and Winterset to visit grandparents. Now, he’s brought his film here.

“Winterset is a crime drama, it’s set in Winterset Iowa,” said Blevins. “Two guys rip off this rich farmer, they think they are taking his money and end up taking something else, and some really scary, bad guys come to town to get it back.”

The filming has taken place in Winterset inside the Pheasant Run, and around the Truro area on farms. One night they even filmed on John Wayne Drive in front of the Iowa Theater. That night the mercury slipped to right around zero degrees.

“I’m happy to get to showcase Madison county,” said Blevins. “I’m happy we get to really show the rich history of this city in our film.”

Debra, Blevins’ mom, also works on the film as a line producer, running the budget for the film. Some of the crew came in from California, others were hired in Iowa.

“We’ve done a lot of filming in Truro, where I grew up,” said Debra. “We have several actors here from California and Texas and Kansas City.”

She said some of the farm scenes were done on farms owned by her brother who still farms near Truro.

No word on when the film “Winterset” might be released.