DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — Get ready, skaters! Young artists have installed a mural at an Iowa skatepark.

Polk County Conservation partnered with the Des Moines Public School district to create a mural depicting global warming. The mural also features Q-R codes to bring the artwork to life.

“This [mural] one has three different augmented reality bites to it, which is the first in Des Moines, so we’re really excited,” said Des Moines Public School Art teacher Laurie Shriver. She said more than 50 students helped with the project.

Young artist Shawn Dressic is a junior. He said that he came up with the idea for the mural’s design, and he and his classmates wanted the theme to be about climate change.

“We painted the earth a different color than it should be, signifying that the water is getting hotter and the earth might melt,” said Dressic.

Visitors can activate the artwork by scanning their smartphones on the mural.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to make this gray area really come to life through color. The hard work that the students put into this project is evident,” said Polk County Conservation Community Outreach Supervisor Jessica Lown.

Visitors are welcome to visit the site.