DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — A delegation of Ukrainian doctors visited the VA in Des Moines for insight on how to better serve the soldiers defending Ukraine.

An estimated 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded during the first 13 months of the war, but the number of injured soldiers is growing as Russia steps up its attacks.

That is why this group of doctors is touring the VA of Central Iowa. The tour involved information about how to help veterans struggling with mental health, PTSD, and sexual traumas related to military service.

Hanna Badssuria, one of the doctors visiting from Ukraine said America is the blueprint when it comes to healthcare.

“It is very appropriate to see how the system of public health works in this country because you are ahead of us. So, seeing how it works here, we basically see our future,” said Badssuria.

Badssuria said she has been overwhelmed in the best way with all the knowledge she has gained and is excited to bring the information back home. Badssuria also said she is able to sleep through the night here in Iowa, away from the war zone.