URBANDALE, Iowa (WHO) — The spooks and scares of Halloween might excite some, but others may feel overwhelmed by the holiday.

Caravel Autism Health is a clinic that specializes in diagnosing children with autism and helping families navigate the diagnosis.

The scary and loud decorations and uncomfortable costumes can make the holiday unbearable, but professionals say there are ways to make the holiday more inclusive to meet everyone’s needs.

Behavioral therapist and clinic director, Brittany Freeman, said that Caravel prepares its clients through practice.

Freeman said, “We actually are practicing. Maybe allowing them to wear their costumes, practicing knocking on a door, practicing waiting for somebody to put something in their bucket. I always recommend to my families not to necessarily go to the scariest places.”

She also recommends having a card that says “Trick or Treat” on it so non-verbal children don’t feel pressure to speak during the activity.