Three bobcats running through a Council Bluffs backyard

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (KCAU) – When you live just blocks from a nature preserve, you expect to see wildlife. But what a family in Council Bluffs didn’t expect was to see not one, not two, but three bobcats in their backyard!

Sunday morning started just like any other.

“It’s kind of what we like to do in the mornings is to sit at the kitchen island and look out the back window and see if we see any wildlife,” said Zac Gradoville.

Zac Gradoville’s three-year-old spotted something he thought was ordinary.

“When my daughter said, ‘Dad, there’s a cat in the backyard!’,” said Gradoville.

He looked.

“My eyes kind of opened and I yelled for my wife because I knew it wasn’t just a normal cat,” Gradoville said.

Gradoville says he saw three bobcats running through his yard and took a video.

Gradoville also says that he was shocked to see the bobcats come so close to his house with one walking right up to the patio.

He says the bobcats bolted back into the woods.

Now, he’s a little worried about his kids.

“Our kids are a little fearless. They’d probably try to befriend it then run from it, so it’s a little worrisome but it’s fun to be able to be so close to wildlife,” said Gradoville.

Council Bluffs Chief Animal Control Officer, Galen Barrett, says it’s not uncommon to see bobcats in the city.

“The population has done very well over the last few years. We’re starting to see a lot more here in Council Bluffs specifically,” said Galen Barret.

Barrett says the bobcat population is growing, so much so that the Iowa Department of Natural Resources has allowed people to hunt more of them in certain counties.

He says parents shouldn’t be scared, but offers these tips.

“Leave them alone. Don’t corner them. They’re wildlife. We can never say never with wildlife but an attack on a human is virtually unknown,” said Barrett.

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