Tech support scams rip off millions of people each year

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Tech support scams rip off more than a million people every year.
But some easy to remember information can help keep your system safe.

These scammers often make contact using pop-up messages with a warning on your computer. Sometimes it’s a phone call with the bad guy claiming to be with Microsoft, Apple or a software company.

Whatever the case, don’t rush to make a decision whether to respond or not. Taking your time to respond is one of the easiest ways you can protect yourself from making bad decisions.

“I needed some help and I just went online and I said Apple support and I picked the first one. I was in a hurry and I just didn’t pay attention to what I was doing. I knew better, but fortunately once I realized what I had done. I shut the transaction down,” said AARP volunteer Warren Searls.

Taking time to make an informed decision can keep you cybersafe.
Check for updates at least once a week. If someone calls you claiming to be a tech support provider, hang up. If you get a warning message on your computer read it carefully. Look for bad grammar or misspelled words. Both are telltale signs of a phony warning.

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