AMES, Iowa — After a string of near record-breaking hot days, air conditioning units are failing to keep up in central Iowa, and companies that service cooling units have plenty on their plate.

“Since Monday it’s been non-stop on the phones,” said Martin Fox of C&K Heating and Cooling, “Taking call after call after call, people are hot, they get upset and we just do everything that possibly can to help us many people we can.”

One homeowner was in need of a new coil for his unit.

“Since September that they haven’t had the air on, and dirt builds up, filters are dirty, it’s often a lot of minor stuff to be honest normally, but you get the occasional larger repairs that it takes more time,” said Fox.  “It’s all hands on deck 24-7  like say the service manager‘s out running helping out too.”

When customers call they often urge service people to come as soon as possible.

“Everybody’s very anxious right now, it’s hard when you’re hot, you’re uncomfortable and you’re upset,” said Fox. “This is part of what we do as is help make people happy as we can

Some people have to wait for a day or two before they can get the problem fixed.

C&K does recommend a regular maintenance program. The company offers a three-tiered service package, and they have over two thousand subscribers on that service.