STORM LAKE, Iowa (KCAU) — The Storm Lake Police Department has added a new vehicle to their YumVee fleet.

The Storm Lake Police Department said turned a vehicle previously used in drug trafficking into a new and improved YumVee H2.

A 2021 drug investigation led to the seizure of the forfeiture of a 2005 Hummer H2, the police department said in a release. The vehicle has undergone a transformation and is now equipped with a mobile freezer for ice cream treats. The YumVee H2 will be replacing the 1993 military surplus HumVee and the military vehicle will be retained as a utility vehicle by the department.

The YumHee H2 will be used primarily for the SLPD’s Community Engagement and Crime Prevention Strategy, focusing on connecting with the community. The police department has a freezer so officers can hand out ice cream to community members.

The new YumVee made an appearance at the Night Out block parties Tuesday, where attendees were able to choose from a variety of ice cream flavors.