ALTOONA, Iowa (WHO) — Four-and-a-half months after a tragedy at Adventureland, state officials have released a report detailing what was done wrong that may have led to a boy’s death.

Inspectors with the Iowa Division of Labor found 17 violations were present on the Raging River on July 3rd, the day the Jaramillo family’s raft flipped.

Eleven-year-old Michael Jaramillo and his older brother became trapped underwater for several minutes. Michael didn’t survive and his brother spent a month in the hospital recovering. Their father also suffered extensive injuries requiring surgery.

Among the violations documented by inspectors:

  • Inadequate air pressures in raft bladders
  • Rafts were patched using unapproved material, meaning Flex Seal
  • Weirs, or dams, to regulate water levels were replaced with parts that the manufacturer did not approve
  • One of the weirs had come loose
  • The ride operator and attendant weren’t adequately trained
  • The evacuation training was inadequate and the evacuation access was blocked by the set-up for a fireworks display

The Division of Labor’s safety order also states the Raging River cannot legally be operated again until 11 specific issues have been addressed.