DES MOINES, IOWA (WHO) — A man charged in connection with a shooting that injured three people at a post-prom party in Des Moines in 2022 has been arrested in Davenport. Jaren Rhoden, 20, is charged with Intimidation with a Dangerous Weapon for his alleged role in a shooting at a party after Roosevelt’s prom on May 8th.

According to police, Rhoden and Terrance Johnson-Rawls were involved in a physical fight during the party. The altercation escalated and multiple people fired weapons, with three unintended targets injured by gunfire. Police say cell phone video shows both Rhoden and Johnson-Rawls pointing guns at groups of people. The video does not show them actually firing. Johnson-Rawls is also charged with Intimidation with a Dangerous Weapon. He is currently serving a federal prison sentence for a conviction unrelated to the post-prom shooting.

Charges against Rhoden and Johnson-Rawls were announced on Thursday. Des Moines Police said on Friday that Rhoden was now in custody in Davenport, Iowa. There is no word on when he will returned to Des Moines.

The owner of the home where the party was being held, Jeffrey Stickel, has been cited for Keeping a Disorderly House – a simple misdemeanor. Stickel is being sued by one of the shooting victims, accusing him of negligence in allowing the party at his home.