DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds called Tuesday “a sad day in America” after 34 criminal charges became public against former president Donald Trump. Reynolds repeated criticism she first used last week before the charges were known, calling the investigation “politically motivated.”

“I think that it continues to drive the narrative that there’s a two-tiered justice system right now… whether it’s the DOJ (Department of Justice) whether it’s the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), whether it’s the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), whether it’s whatever…we’re continuing to see that on a daily basis. We’ll see. But it’s a sad day for America to be really honest.”

Reynolds questioned why the Manhattan district attorney’s office isn’t instead focusing on New York’s violent crime. “Why not focus on that? This is unprecedented. This has never happened before.”

Trump became the first current or former president criminally charged.

“I feel like they (New York prosecutors) should get their own house in order…before…we’ll see what happens,” Reynolds said. “I bet that most people that you would talk to right now that with what they witnessed the last five years…it’s politically motivated to take out a political opponent.”

Reynolds did not say whether she feels like Trump is innocent of the criminal charges.