IOWA (WHO) — State Auditor Rob Sand says he’s proud of the work he’s done in his first term in office — and he plans to keep doing it.

On Tuesday Sand announced that he will run for re-election in 2022 as State Auditor. The Decorah Democrat had been considered by some as a potential challenger for Governor Kim Reynolds on the 2022 ballot.

Sand announced his decision in a video posted on Twitter. In the video, Sand is walking his dog and speaking to the camera. “I didn’t run for office because I like politics,” Sand says, ” I ran for office because I can’t stand it. Too many people putting partisan interests ahead of public interests. Too many people protecting insiders, doing what they want instead of what they’re supposed to. We’re doing a good job of doing things differently.”

Sand is the first Democrat elected as State Auditor in Iowa since 1965.