The rising price of gravel is causing concerns in rural Woodbury County.  The county’s budget doesn’t allow workers to keep up with deteriorating road conditions. 

Gravel prices continue to rise and the county’s limited budget can’t cover the skyrocketing costs. Last year, the county spent $1.3 million on gravel just to maintain roads in their current conditions.

County Engineer Mark Nahra says if supervisors want to make improvements, it will be extremely expensive.

“We would need two million tons of gravel to bring our roads back into that [ideal] condition,” Nahra says. “And two million tons would cost us in the neighborhood of $12 million.”

To put it into perspective, it would take 200,000 semi trucks to carry the amount of gravel needed to fully repair the secondary roads in Woodbury County.

The county is looking for solutions, one of which is developing a gravel plant of its own. Something that could be a few years down the road.