DES MOINES, Iowa — On Tuesday a group of over 100 people gathered at the Iowa Statehouse to voice their opposition to the use of eminent domain.

Landowners, advocates, city and state officials cited their own concerns with the rally held on Tuesday. With current law, eminent domain can be used to take away land from landowners for market price.

“If is not my land this time it could be mine next time,” said Steve Kenkel, the Shelby County Supervisor.

A bill recently passed through the Iowa House that would put a moratorium on carbon pipeline eminent domain issues for 11 months. There are currently three companies trying to build pipelines in the state.

Kenkel said that he grew interest in this issue by going to a public meeting and hearing all the people who wanted changes in eminent domain law.

“We have windmills, we have solar farms, we have hog confinements that you run through a public hearing, you vote on it, you have policies and procedures to follow,” said Kenkel. “This is one of the only things that I know of in the state of Iowa that there is no public input. I know it is against the law the way it is drawn up, but it is not a level playing field but it is not a level playing field, because this pipeline is not public use, and because that eminent domain can be used at the anytime.”

Landowners lined up to let their voices be heard at the rally, and they have in the past. The bill moves over to the Senate to decide the future on the moratorium.