Parade held in Ames honors UPS drivers

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AMES, Iowa (WHO-TV) — A parade was held Thursday morning in honor of some servants, who normally don’t get much recognition. The Ames Police and Fire Departments led a parade through Ames to honor local UPS Drivers. The Ames office recently reached one million miles of driving, with no accidents.

“We run 46 drivers out of here and we did some math this morning basically 3.7 trips to the moon and back without a crash that’s awesome,” said Shane Sipiorski, Des Moines Division Manager. “This is very uncommon it’s an incredible feat going 1,000,000 miles without a crash it’s unheard of it’s impressive.”

Fire Trucks lined up to sound their sirens, and police cars led the parade leaving east, and west along Lincolnway, with a long line of brown UPS trucks following behind.

“I’m blown away how extremely appreciative the community is, coming out and thanking these guys for what they do every day,” said Anthony Brice, of UPS, a member of the local safety committee. “It was just a huge accomplishment for 46 drivers to go out day in and day out relentlessly five or six days a week, during holidays, during inclement weather, and make it back safe because the most important stop for our guys is the last stop of the day and that’s at home.”

Businesses and consumers count on UPS to deliver items to the door. For UPS drivers, they get to know their customers.

“It’s difficult and rewarding at the very same time,” said Brice. “We get to see these people every day on our route we see their families grow we see their hardships with you and were there every day for them.”

“A lot of appreciation obviously out in our community,” said Dan Walter, of the Ames Police Department. “They’re putting a lot of miles on the road, we’r heree to help them celebrate on a really outstanding feat, to make it that long without an accident.”

The Ames UPS office serves not only the city of Ames, but also communities around the region.

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