FREMONT COUNTY, Iowa (WHO) — No evidence of human remains have been found after a multi-day excavation was conducted in rural Fremont County near the town of Thurman.

The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation said on Thursday that no remains were found, despite reports that the property was the dumping ground of a serial killer.

Lucy Studey told the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office in 2007 that her dad, Donald Studey, was a serial killer and made her help dispose of the bodies of several woman.

A recent tip led local, state, and federal authorities to begin searching the property, and during a search cadaver dogs alerted at multiple locations of the Studey property of possible human remains back in October. The search led authorities to begin digging for evidence of human remains.

According to a DCI press release, over a period of three days experts excavated the areas where Lucy claimed the bodies of several woman were buried. Soil samples were collected and examined, but no evidence or other items of concern were found.