New law moves 300,000 Iowans to inactive voter status

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — 300,000 Iowan voters have been moved to inactive status with 13,000 of those being Woodbury County.

Woodbury County Auditor Pat Gill said most people who were moved to inactive might not even realize.

“As you get to the polling place, or you vote early you’re going to be made active or if they returned one of those inactive notices to us, they’re going to be made active,” Gill said.

Officials say the law comes after many suspected fraud in the previous election, adding this is an effort to clean up voter rolls and remove outdated information that may create the opportunity for potential fraud.

“The purpose of Senate File 413 is to make sure that we have up to date voter lists,” Carlin said. “We are subject to a national voting rights act that requires it of us along with 44 other states. This will not prohibit anybody from missing future elections. This is not to keep people from voting, this is just to keep up to date lists. This is to make sure auditors follow the law.”

However, some say its a gateway for legislators to permit voter suppression.

“I think it was one part of a larger program to discourage people from voting,” Rep. Steve Hansen said. “Taking people off the roll and then some how making people prove that they have voted or still exist, to me, goes against a lot of our rights.”

Karter Jones registered to vote shortly after turned 18. He decided to not cast a ballot in the past election and has now been moved to the inactive voter status.

“As of right now, to my understanding, that’s not really going to affect me,” said Jones. “That’s not going to take away my right to vote. I understand what they’re trying to do. I can go and vote still any time that I want, I just didn’t vote this past election.”

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