New Iowa DOT siren aims to reduce accidents

Iowa News

NEWTON, Iowa (CNN/KCC) – The Iowa Department of Transportation is trying out a new tool to keep their workers safe on the highways this summer.

Its called an audible attenuator truck. It delivers a loud warning to drivers who fail to move over or slow down when approaching highway workers.

Iowa DOT workers are out in full force this summer. It’s a risk every time they’re out there with so many distracted drivers now on the road. One employee on the paint crew was hit 3 years in a row.

They looked to reduce hits and get people’s attention. What will jolt drivers is the audible attenuator truck, the caboose to cushion the blow of any collision. You should slow down when you see the bright lights, but if you don’t, they hit the horn.

DOT workers built the siren system themselves, putting a big speaker on the back of trucks designed to send the sound down one lane to signal to stay back and move over. The siren makes a unique sound, delivering a loud noise to save lives down the road.

According to the DOT, those can cost up to $14,000 to replace. For now, mainly paint crews are equipped with an audible attenuator truck.

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