ALTOONA, Iowa — Adventureland will open for the 2023 season Saturday. There will be plenty of new and old features for people to enjoy as they return to the theme park.

The park will have two new rides this season but they won’t be ready Saturday. Though two separate rides, they’ll be intertwined. One will be a traditional roller coaster. The other is a log flume ride through the water.

Adventureland spokesperson Alex Payne said the goal is to open the rides on June 1.

He said Adventureland’s water park, Adventure Bay, isn’t expected to open until Memorial Day weekend.

There are also some new food options this year. They’ll be operating on opening day. There’s a new candy shop and a new place to get specially-dipped ice cream.

The most notable addition to the menu this year is the “Potato Patch.” It’s a Viking-themed french fry stand that’s been very popular at Adventureland’s sister parks. It serves fresh-cut fries with bacon and cheese on top.

Payne said while all the additions are great, the most exciting thing about Saturday will be sharing them with everyone.

“We’re excited to get the gates open,” he said. “Adventureland’s a different place when our guests are here. We’re excited to get them in the park and really see Adventureland at the best it can be.”

Tickets for Saturday and the entire season are available on Adventureland’s website.

Adventureland has also made some security changes this year. It will limit bag sizes to 15″ by 15″ by 15″. The park will also require anyone under 18 to be accompanied by an adult over 21 after 4 p.m. each day.

Payne said the new chaperone rule comes after teenagers caused problems in some of Adventureland’s sister parks. The changes are being implemented at every park owned by Adventureland’s parent company, Palace Entertainment.