AMES, IOWA — A Colorado man is charged with murdering an Ames toddler earlier this year, and the boy’s mother is charged as well for allegedly concealing the abuse and allowing it to continue until her son was dead.

Trevin Nicholson, 25, is charged with first-degree murder and child endangerment causing death; he is currently being held in the Douglas County, Colorado Jail. Danielle Obrecth, 26, is charged with child endangerment causing death. She is being held in the Story County Jail.

According to a criminal complaint filed in the case, Obrecht allowed her boyfriend – Nicholson – to babysit her two-year-old son while she worked in mid-April. When she returned to her Ames apartment after work she found her son with fresh bruises on his head, face and torso. Nicholson reportedly told her that the boy had fallen out a booster chair.

Obrecht told police that as her son’s condition worsened over the next few days, she chose not to take him to the hospital or daycare or allow family to see him as she was afraid she would lose custody.

Obrecht then allowed Nicholson to watch her son again on April 23 and 24. Authorities were called to her apartment on the 24th as the boy struggled to breath. The boy was home alone with Nicholson at the time.

An autopsy revealed that the boy died from “intentional acts of abuse” that caused traumatic injuries to his head and spine. The coroner found that he may have survived the injuries if he’d been taken to a doctor sooner.