DES MOINES, IOWA — Central Iowa just pushed through it’s hottest stretch so far of 2022 with highest reaching well into the upper-90s on Saturday, with 100 degrees hit in a couple locations, including Oskaloosa.

With a high of 99 in Des Moines, Saturday tied for the second hottest day at the Des Moines airport in five years.

Now, with the state receiving a respite from the heat for a few days, an all-time heat anniversary has arrived in Central Iowa.

July 25, 1936 marks the hottest recorded day at many locations around Central Iowa, including Des Moines.

Atlantic and Logan tied the all-time hottest state temperature at 117 degrees. Des Moines tied its all-time hottest temperature for any date at 110 degrees.

In addition July holds many all-time records for heat and heat streaks around the state as the Dust Bowl still gripped much of the Midwest.

In Des Moines, the heat started early, with the first 100-degree day occurring on June 19. Almost a week later, June 25 kicked off 24 consecutive days over 90 degrees. 100-degree days continued sporadically through August 25th, when Des Moines cracked 100 for the final time in 1936, with a scorching 106 degrees.

90-degree days continued through September 22nd.

The blistering heat was fed by the signature drought conditions of the era, with only one day with measurable rain falling from June 27 through August 3rd.