LifeServe gives donors chance to hear from recipients through ‘Thank the Donor’ program

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Photo courtesy of LifeServe.

DES MOINES, Iowa (KCAU) — LifeServe Blood Center is now offering its blood donors the chance to hear from the local hospital patients whose lives they helped to save through blood donation through a new program.

According to a release, the new program, called Thank the Donor, allows blood recipients to anonymously send a thank you message, photo, or video to the blood donor whose donation they received through transfusion. A hospital patient, loved one, or first responder simply has to scan a barcode on the blood bag in order to directly send their gratitude to the donor.

“Blood donation has always been a very rewarding volunteer activity,” said LifeServe’s Director of PR and Marketing Danielle West. “Now that donors can receive notes of appreciation directly from the people they’re saving, those feelings of achievement are exponentially bigger! To open your phone and see the words from someone in the hospital who is currently receiving your blood, that’s hard to put into words.”

LifeServe Blood Center is currently rolling Thank the Donor to hospitals across Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. They are continuing to add more of their hospital partners to the Thank the Donor program.

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