DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — Iowa Senate lawmakers pass a bill that Republicans think will help with workforce issues and Democrats believe will harm future generations.

In a vote right down party lines, 32 yes to 18 no, the Senate moved a piece of legislation that would expand the maximum ratio of caregivers to kids in child care centers.

Under the bill passed through the chamber, one caregiver to 7 two-year-olds and one caregiver to 10 three-year-olds. The bill falls in line with Governor Reynolds Child Care Task Force and with the House’s counterpart bill.

“I believe in daycare providers and them making decisions based around the care of children,” said State Senator Jeff Edler (R) from State Center. “We are empowering them to possibly help get one more parent to work because they could take one more child.”

Democrats worry that this bill will stretch an already thin workforce and called for higher wages for childcare workers.

“Young people need to have one-on-one interaction with an adult within those three years and first five, and now we are increasing it,” said State Senator Pam Jochum (D) from Dubuque.

The bill moves over to the House where a counterpart bill exists with the same ratio.