Lake City couple, 8 grandkids uninjured after home destroyed by tornado

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LAKE CITY, IOWA (WHO-TV) — A Lake City couple and their eight grandchildren all walked away unharmed on Wednesday after a tornado made a direct strike on their home.

Ron and Joan Fuse and their grandkids took shelter beneath a pool table in the basement. When the storm passed the house destroyed, but they were unscratched.

The tornado hit the Lake City area around 4:00 pm on Wednesday, part of a series of tornadoes that touched down for hours across the state. The storm sheared off the roof and second story of the Fuse home and tossed a massive grain bin hundreds of yards into a neighboring field. But the core of the home, and its basement, were untouched, thankfully.

On Thursday cleanup was already underway at the Fuse farm. Ron Fuse’s sister says she watched the damage to her brother’s home play out in real time on the news as photos and video of the storm were broadcast.

“I saw on the news that a tornado went through Lake City. So I called my brother and texted him and I said ‘Are you okay?’ I didn’t hear from him,” said Diane Baldrige, “The next thing I saw was pictures of the house gone, and the shed gone and the semis tipped over. Then he texted me and said ‘everything’s gone’.”

No injuries have been reported from any of the severe storms that struck on Wednesday.

The National Weather Service is investigating all of the storms but haven’t released any details on the strength of the storm that hit Lake City yet.

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