Editor’s Note: Photos in this story may be graphic.

DES MOINES, Iowa (KCAU) – A kitten was found with his paws frozen to the ground and suffered injuries in Iowa.

Officials with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa said the kitten was found frozen to the ground in Des Moines next to a building.

The kitten, now named Olaf, suffered injuries to his paw pads due to getting stuck. He had severe frostbite on his back paws, parts of his front paws, and part of his tail.

The kitten was taken to the Miracle Medical Team, and officials are unsure how much damage he has due to the frostbite.

An official with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa said Olaf had surgery to help aid the healing process and is now being fostered by one of his medical caretakers who intends on adopting him when he’s ready.

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa said anyone who wants to donate to help this kitten can visit this website.