JASPER COUNTY, Iowa (WHO) — The Jasper County Board of Supervisors approved a 2024 calendar that would only give county employees that are veterans Veterans Day off.

However, the Iowa county is adding a day off in the spring to make up for some employees no longer having Veterans Day off.

Brandon Tulsma, the Chairman of the Jasper County Board of Supervisors and a Veteran, said that employees wanted to have a day off in the spring.

“There’s a huge gap between Veterans Day and Memorial Day at the end of May there’s kind of like this three-and-a-half month gap there where our employees don’t have a nice three day off, paid day off three day weekend. So, I saw a way to maybe try to rectify that solution as well as give veterans an additional little perk in having an additional paid day off as kind of a thank you for their service, as well as kind of I do see it as an earned benefit for veterans,” Tulsma said.

Tulsma expects the change to stay in effect in the future.

“I kind of see it being the norm in the future but if for some reason we get a lot of feedback from our employees saying ‘no we really didn’t like it’ we can definitely come back circle around and have that discussion,” Tulsma said.