URBANDALE, Iowa (WHO) — Gas prices have been climbing for months with the state hitting the highest average price per gallon on record Thursday.

According to Triple A Gas Prices, the state average sits at $4.128. Just one month ago gas was sitting at $3.799. The continuing hike in prices has drivers concerned at the pumps.

“Ridiculous. I wish the government could do something that makes sense to make it work out,” said Deana Boatwright, from Runnells.

Boatwright said that she is being more aware of where she goes and how far the drive is. For her it’s not an issue of finances yet and she is hopeful that the prices will turn around; but it is making her concerned for summer travel plans.

“I think it is going to happen. I just think it is going to take a little bit of time,” said Boatwright, regarding gas prices. “And with summer and vacations, I just hate the thought of that.”

A couple that is planning on moving to Iowa from the west coast was filling up their tank after their plane landed. Iowa’s gas is cheaper than west coast states so the prices looked welcoming to them.

“It is just over the top, but coming here, it is a relief to see that prices are not the way they are all across the country,” said Kathy Berryman.

“It really does. When you look up and say ‘$4.09 that’s great’, something’s wrong,” said Don Berryman.

They filled their 17 gallon car for $72, which is still not as much as they want to pay for a full tank.

For diesel fuel the prices get even worse. One month ago the price was $4.728 per gallon and on Thursday the average price across the state was $5.290. This has truck owners hoping that this is the highest price they will ever see.

“It is just ridiculous that we pay so much more than what an unleaded car pays,” said Jeremy Mouchka, from Urbandale. “It doesn’t convince me to not drive my truck, cause I have to use my truck to pull a camper. But if it keeps going up it is going to be much worse.”

Several semi truck drivers added in that right now in Iowa they are paying upwards of $1300 to $1500 to fill their hundreds of gallons tanks.