A 52-year-old Davenport woman is in custody after, Iowa State Police allege, tried to kick a trooper after a chase.

Penny King faces felony charges of eluding – injury, OWI, drugs or participation in a felony; and assault on persons in certain occupations – intent of injury; and serious misdemeanor charges of possession of a controlled substance – first offense; and operating while under the influence – first offense, court records say.

Penny King (photo from Scott County Jail inmate listing.)

Shortly before 11 p.m. Friday, an Iowa State Trooper was notified that Bettendorf Police were in a pursuit with a red sedan on I-74. The sedan did not have registration plates on it and was occupied by the driver and a large Rottweiler dog, according to arrest affidavits.

According to affidavits, as the car exited onto State Street from I-74, the Iowa State Trooper was able to take over the pursuit westbound on River Drive. In the arrest affidavits, the trooper notes seeing “multiple traffic offenses” including but not limited to, speeding 77 mph in a posted 45 mph zone, improper lane usage, failure to use continuous turn signal, and failure to obey a traffic control device.

The pursuit ended after Davenport Police successfully deployed stop sticks, affidavits say.

The driver parked her sedan in the front yard of her residence. “During her apprehension she would not follow directions and became violent while (officers were) trying to place her in cuffs,” according to affidavits.

“While she was being placed in handcuffs she kicked back into myself striking me in the knee twice before trying to kick me in the groin but I was able to catch her kick in between my knees,” the trooper alleges in the affidavit. After being placed in handcuffs, she threatened to spit in the face of an officer assisting her to a Bettendorf Police unit, the affidavit says.

While speaking with King, according to affidavits, officers noticed multiple indicators of narcotics use including but not limited to volatile emotional state, extreme dry mouth, missing teeth, impaired balance, bloodshot eyes, thick slurred speech pattern and disheveled appearance.

A search of the vehicle was conducted because of an open container of alcohol in plain view accompanied by a meth bubble also in plain view, affidavits say During the search of the vehicle a small amount of crack cocaine was also located (.24 grams).

King complained of shoulder pain from being taken into custody and was transported to Genesis Medical Center – East Campus by ambulance. “Upon arrival I requested King to participate in the horizontal gaze nystagmus test showing four clues before she decided to refuse participation and began yelling vulgarities at me,” the trooper wrote in the affidavit.

King was then transported to Scott County Jail after doctors informed her she was uninjured and cleared to go to jail. During the ride to the jail, King continued to act “extremely erratic” with the topics she was talking about until she fell asleep on the short ride to the jail, affidavits say.

King is being held on $12,900 bond in Scott County Jail, and is set for a preliminary hearing Dec. 6 in Scott County Court.