DAVENPORT, Iowa (WHBF) — A 49-year-old Davenport woman has been released on bond after police allege she and a co-defendant took another woman’s money and baby.

Rena McGee faces felony charges of second-degree robbery, child stealing, conspiracy to commit a forcible felony and second-degree theft, court records show.

Rema McGee (Scott County Jail)

Shortly after 11 p.m. Sunday, Davenport Police responded to Casey’s, 1691 W. 53rd St., in response to a report of a robbery.

McGee, a co-defendant and the victim were together in a gray 2008 Chevrolet Avalanche, affidavits say. During their trip, McGee and a co-defendant “conspired together and took the victim’s approximate $4,000 in U. S. currency from her wallet and hid it inside the vehicle with the intent to permanently deprive the victim of it,” police allege in affidavits.

According to affidavits, on the way back from their trip they stopped at Casey’s, at which time the victim, Melbria Heard – who spoke with reporters – began accusing the other two of taking her money. That led to an argument between all involved.

Heard told reporters she was riding with her baby and two other people on their way back from Waterloo. “I went to go pick up my wallet and noticed that it didn’t feel like my money or nothing was in there,” she said. “So I turn on the interior lights in the car, and open my wallet, and my money is just gone.”

While at Casey’s, Heard was assaulted by McGee and and others “in furtherance of the original theft,” affidavits say. “The victim received extensive bodily injury from the assault, which included a cut to her face which was bleeding and large bruising around her left eye socket,” police allege in affidavits.

After assaulting Heard, McGee and a co-defendant fled the scene in the Avalanche while Heard’s infant remained in the vehicle, “effectively stealing the child from the victim,” police allege in affidavits. “The defendant and co-defendant didn’t have permission to take her child.”

Officers located the Avalanche at West Kimberly Road and Brady Street, and initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle in the 4300 block of Brady Street, affidavits show. McGee was in the driver seat and was detained without incident, affidavits say.

The baby was returned safely to Heard.

According to affidavits, “During a consent search of the vehicle, officers located loose U. S. currency hidden under the center console valued at $1,060. Officers located another $3,601 in the defendant’s blue book bag, which was located in the driver seat hidden in an interior pocket.”

After being read the Miranda Rights, a co-defendant admitted the money located by officers belonged to Heard and admitted to assaulting her as well, police allege in affidavits.

“The co-defendant also identified (McGee) as the one who originally stole and hid the money from the victim inside the vehicle,” according to affidavits.

McGee, who was released on bond from Scott County Jail, is set to appear April 6 in Scott County Court.