DES MOINES, Iowa — Each year people celebrate marijuana on April 20. While it’s illegal in Iowa, people will use it. That’s why the Iowa State Patrol is on the lookout for people driving while high.

Sergeant Alex Dinkla with Iowa State Patrol said 36 percent of fatal crashes in the state over the past two years have involved an impaired driver.

He said that’s part of the reason the State Patrol is beefing up enforcement this weekend. Their increased presence began Wednesday and continues through Sunday.

Dinkla added marijuana can slow someone’s reaction time behind the wheel as well as negatively impact their decision-making capabilities.

“We can’t stress the dangers,” he said “If you choose to use any type of those drugs at home, stay at home, find that sober driver. Don’t risk driving yourself, possibly killing somebody else. It’s not worth it.”

While the drug is illegal in Iowa, Dinkla is most concerned about people using it and then getting behind the wheel.