DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — The movement of Governor Kim Reynolds’ state government reorganization bill was quick over two weeks at the Statehouse.

The bill passed the first chamber, the Iowa Senate, by a vote of 34 to 15 with one excluded. The bill would consolidate state agencies from 37 down to 16.

This change is something that Senate Republicans say has been needed for quite some time.

“Ladies and gentlemen times chance to where it is every generation, it is imperative to restructure state government, the structure of the flow chart, the reporting, those who report directly to the governor, that we make it manageable and modern again,” said State Senator Jason Schultz (R), District 6, from Schleswig.

The big concern amongst Senate Democrats was the size of the bill. Democrats said they are for streamlined government, but a lot of the party views the bill as a power grab and rushed.

“This bill would return the boards and advisories and strip them all of their current duties except of two,” said State Senator Molly Donahue, (D), District 37 from Cedar Rapids. “The governor can achieve want she wants in her bill by reducing cabinet members without this division.”

State Senator Tony Bisignano, (D) said that he would vote for the bill because of the work he had done on the subcommittee, which he pointed out was a lot. Lawmakers over the course of a week heard from each state agency as they made themselves available for questioning.